Who is Naija Nation?

Owning Our Culture

One evening, while a group of Nigerian millennials discussed their community, it became clear that there was a general lack of platform and common ground on which members of the Nigerian Diaspora could gather–a place entirely devoted to uplifting its members and sharing in the Nigerian narrative. From this conversation, a beautiful movement began to take shape.

 In 2020, that same group of young Nigerians formed a team dedicated to changing the landscape of Nigerian representation, and co-founded Naija Nation, rooted in Los Angeles. Together, they created a space and brand aimed at highlighting Nigerian people, their creative endeavors, and spreading positive awareness of the vast cultural pillars of their community. The founders of Naija Nation chose to remain anonymous as to highlight and promote the individuals they so proudly endorse, and to allow you to become the true face of Naija Nation.

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Nigerian-Owned and Operated

Investing back into the Community

Free Returns on all purchases

A note from the founders

The face of Naija Nation is YOU. Our Nigerian Community. To the first-generation Nigerians. To the Nigerians who are still learning how to speak their dialect. To the Nigerians who are still learning about their traditions and culture. Naija Nation is the safe space for you.

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We invite you to explore our curated playlist that highlights Nigerian musicians. Discover new and existing artists that expound on our beloved culture through the art of music and help us promote their hard work.

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