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2020 was a time when everyone started to seriously think about their existence and try to reimagine the world around us. In that same vein, a group of young Nigerian millennials got together to reflect on their identity and visions for a new type of community. We identified the absence of a medium for members of the Nigerian Diaspora to form connections and committed to making that a reality in our lifetime. We formed a team and founded Naija Nation, a faceless initiative devoted to uplifting its members and sharing in the Nigerian experience. Born out of Los Angeles, we launched a fashion brand and started to cultivate a global online family to highlight the Nigerian people and spread positivity. It’s so nice to meet you and we’re happy you’re here!

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According to research released this year, about 1 in 10 Black people in the U.S. are immigrants, and that figure could more than double by 2060. Data has also shown that Nigerians are the largest population of African immigrants in the U.S. migrating mainly as high-skilled workers and foreign students. Nigerians in Diaspora consistently remit billions of dollars to boost Nigeria’s economy and, anywhere in the world, Nigerians are known for excellence, resilience, and drive. Knowing this, we are committed to doing all we can to develop and advance our community in meaningful ways.


Naija Nation is all about creating community. We strive to be innovative and valuable in all that we offer, from fashion and education to content and programming. As a business, we are Nigerian-owned and operated; as a community, we invite Nigerians from all parts of the world to collaborate and engage with what we’ve created. We are rooted in and motivated by our Nigerian identity which is why we want to give back in any way we can. This looks like promoting Nigerian creatives by highlighting their music, art, and professional talents, as well as featuring community pillars who celebrate our culture.

With our fashion brand, we aim to tell our story and create a collective narrative that celebrates who we are. We represent modern Nigeria and are committed to providing you with tangible ways to express yourself and your heritage. Our pieces encourage you, remind you of your roots, keep you stylish and even celebrate your accomplishments! We also feel joy and pride in maintaining a fun, engaging social media environment, from the memes we share to the discussions we raise about any and every topic. That’s because of you!

We're here for you


Education is really important to us, which is why we just launched The Naija Nation Legacy Foundation for all members of our community with African heritage. We believe the pursuit of education is a human right and want to open doors through scholarships. We will be awarding three scholarships this year and plan to award $50,000 in scholarships in the next five years! 


Another part of Naija Nation we are passionate about is in-person programming. We look forward to being able to bring you amazing, entertaining events so members of our community can meet each other and have a good time. At the heart of these events is our desire to unite members of the African and Black diaspora through cultural experiences and provide a space for all of us to feel at home.


Naija Nation Graduate Collection

To our community: YOU are the face of Naija Nation. Regardless of your personal background and how you experience being Nigerian and African, this is a safe space for you. At just two years old, all we have achieved has only made us more excited about the future. We have huge ambitions to make an impact in the world and we can’t wait to see how we grow! 

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