Nigerian Presidential Election 2023


Nigerian Election Day is exactly six months away and this election is the true definition of "our future is in our hands". We've always heard from our parents and grand-parents, about how "corrupt" Nigeria's government and economy and sadly, it plays out true. Fortunately, in the year 2023, there is a greater opportunity to change the trajectory of Nigeria's democracy and all around become a better nation. 

For this forthcoming election, Nigerians youths have been much more diligent in what happens in governance, because as of now; there has been an effect on their direct lifestyle. Cost of living, traffic and transportation safety and security raise alarms because things that are to be done simply, are much more of a task. Electricity is also another big problem in Nigeria as well. With all these issues at hand, it is imperative we make sure the right person is chosen into leadership. 

There are currently three candidates campaigning for presidency who go by the names of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, and Peter Obi. These candidates have their pros and cons individually that Nigerians are heavily taking into consideration. One prominent point that all have noticed, is that each candidate ironically represents the the three most populous tribes; Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo in Nigerian, which may have an effect when it comes to popularity votes. 

Also, each one of these men represent different Political Parties that are recognized in Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a representative of APC, known as the All Progressiveness Congress, while Atiku Abubakar is from the PDP, which is the People's Democratic Party and lastly Peter Obi apart of LP, which is Labor Party. PDP as well as APC are the most notorious parties in Nigeria and are well established in terms of distinct people whom believe in their tactics and strategies. 

When it comes to LP, this political party is the youngest amongst them, which was founded in 2006. With LP known as the youngest, there is a lack of respect that the political party receives due to its hierarchy level.


These political parties also can be a direct representation of these candidates in terms of age. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is said to be around 70 years old, although is opponents says otherwise and believe he is to be 80 years old. Who knows? We all know how competitive Nigerians are, they say anything to reach where the want. 

As far as Atiku Abubakar, he is 75 years of age and Peter Obi is 60 years old.  With Peter Obi as young as he is, he has definitely drawn the attention of the youths of Nigeria. The youths are in his favor because they feel as though they need a leader who would be healthy and fully capable of taking on a country as such as Nigeria. Also, he has taken his campaign to the attention of social media, using hashtag #BeOBIdient, which has gained him followers who call themselves the BeObidents. 

Peter Obi who has been a former governor claims to  increase the production capacity of the country and overall improve the non-oil income. He also has plans to find a complete solution with the agreement of stakeholders to reform education and put an end to all the strikes going on. Peter Obi is very confident in his stance and campaigns on how he would want to assist in making a better Nigeria.

Buhari struggling to carry the weight of Nigeria.

We have seen the outcomes of what the past presidents have done and put forth and the masses are looking for a change. It just so happens to be the time is now and the mass voters are youths.  The youths of Nigeria has now realized that is left up to them to change what they know as the nation. It has now been a globalized campaign of receiving your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) in order to vote for upcoming elections. Statistics has been proven that there has been an enormous increase in voters registrations, especially amongst the youth since 2021. 

The youth age in Nigeria goes from 18-35 and you happen to be in Nigeria, whilst reading this, it is strongly encouraged to get your PVC so therefore you will be able to play apart in the election. ALL hands on deck, are in order to make a greater and brighter Nigeria. 

As for Nigerians abroad, although the right has been taken away from us to be vote whilst in the Diaspora, we can still ALWAYS play a part. Nothing is to big or small to share about how you want your motherland to be changed for the better. Social media  goes along, somethings as small as a story post, a share, a hashtag; anything to show that you're involved and aware matters. 

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Sòrò Sókè; Speak Up! The time is now and this is our chance to intentionally make a change for our country. Our voice can and will be heard from anywhere and it will only motivate our brothers and sisters back home to actually take action on our behalf as well.

February 25th, 2023 will determine the future stake of our country, Nigeria. Continue to do your best to follow up on all candidates to ensure we are choosing the right of our country.

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Glory Benjamin

Nicely said. Truly the ball lies in our court. So let’s maximise this opportunity.

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