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Naija Nation Fam, we are EXPANDING! Naija Nation is a collective hub and our goal is to continuously bring Nigerians in the diaspora together through clothing and different apparel representing the culture. NOW, it's time we THINK BIG! We are bringing more to the table; more outlets to keep us as close to home as possible. In turn, we hope you are as excited as we are about our upcoming launches as we are. As Nigerians, we know and trust, every one of you has continuously supported us in one way or another and has created the community we hoped for.

What to expect?

Our goal is always to push our culture and to be able to spread it in the most personable ways possible. We have decided to expand our platform and provide more than just clothing and apparel. We are presenting our new podcast, NO VEX, a subscribe-based cookbook that is in the works to perfection, and more events, that way we can mix and mingle! We are also looking to release household products. Overall, just expanding in a much more inclusive and interactive way!

What's HOT Now?

We have a couple of top sellers doing well on our market, such as our Nigerian graduation stole, our Naija necklace, and our crewneck sweaters. You all have given us different looks back to back! And we are grateful!

In the near future...

We are also planning to release household products that represent us as Nigerians. We are looking to launch household products that mean nothing but the culture.

Naija Nation plans to expand our brand by incorporating a recipe book full of all your favorite Nigerian dishes. Are you unsure what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Leave it up to us! You will soon be able to visit our website and scroll through our cookbook and pick what suits your tastebuds for that moment. There will be a detailed ingredient list with instructions, and you can replicate what you see.

egusi soup
naija nation podcast

By the time you read this, we would've released the second episode of our podcast 'No Vex'. This podcast is to bring a voice and visual to Naija Nation; FINALLY, we are here to share all unpopular opinions, perspectives on Nigerians in the diaspora, and of course, all trending topics. But, see, if you hear something you don't like, make una 'NO VEX'! Haha... get it? Lol, but, do tap in and watch an episode or both and interact with us! Also, we are having an upcoming event in Dallas, 'Talent of the Diaspora'; come together with your group of friends and come watch amazing talents in your city. It's a great opportunity for a fun evening out and networking as well. We had one in LA, and it was such a success, visit our Instagram page for the recap.

The goal is always to think BIG and inclusive! Whatever it is you want to see included in our brand as Nigerians in the diaspora, feel free to share with us at any time. We are open to ideas and hope you all are ready for all the new things we have planned for you!

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