Japa in Nigeria-- The Rundown

You may have heard about what is called "Japa" in Nigeria. But do you know what Japa is? Or what is happening? Sit back; we've got you covered.

Ogo Taiwo

People walking with luggages in their hands

Many Nigerians-mainly youth- are fleeing Nigeria

The Nigerian elections recently took place. The event ended in an upset for not only many Nigerians but also Nigerians around the world, who anxiously witnessed the event take place from their electronic devices. With many screaming that the elections were rigged, it shed light on a public issue that has plagued, and many argue, hindered Nigeria for more than 50 years. With corruption and greed continuing to hold a strong grip on Nigerian politics, many have lost hope in any change being brought to the "Giant of Africa." This led to many choosing to emigrate from the country, birthing the term "Japa."

People protesting the Nigerian elections

what is "japa"

Japa is a Nigerian word derived from the Yoruba language, meaning to flee in search of a better situation/ a way out. The word Japa gained mass popularity due to many seeing the latest Nigerian election results as there being no hope left for any change or progress in Nigeria. Thus the only reasonable choice is to Japa or flee the country altogether. For many, this is definitely not an easy choice; having to leave the place that you once called home, and for many young Nigerians, leaving their family behind and journeying to a foreign place with no connections living in the country they're going to. Therefore for many, Japa is also a word that now brings pain behind it.

Tinubu, the newly elected Nigerian President

What is next for Nigeria?

For many countries, the next generation is filled with talents and bright innovations. This means that they rely on the next generation economically for their new innovations to bring revenue to the federal fund. This is not different in the slightest for Nigeria. With the exit of thousands of young people, Nigeria is taking an economic hit which can lead to further suffering and complications down the road that would only push Nigeria further back and weaken any hope for progress for the "Giant of Africa." Japa can arguably now be seen as a economic turmoil for Nigeria.

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