How To Have An Amazing College Experience

The time spent in college is famously dubbed the “best years of your life,” but there’s a lot that goes behind that. Beyond the social aspect, there’s a lot of value to be gained from this experience which changes your life in many ways. You will never have a life stage like this again and it’s important to work towards the sweet spot between being young and inexperienced and preparing yourself for the future. This article provides some big tips on how to make your college experience amazing!

Student reading in the library

Get involved

This is probably the most common tip you’ll get. Your college experience is largely what you make of it, so make it into something you will enjoy. There are so many different avenues to get involved while in school. You will have a variety of sports, academic clubs, cultural organizations, hobby clubs, Greek life, etc. to choose from. Make thoughtful choices based on what you enjoy, what your goals are for the future, and what you want to spend your time on. For example, joining the school newspaper is great if you have dreams of working in media someday. Student government is a great path for those interested in pursuing law and politics. If you have to work as a student, which is very common, do your best to find a student job that is also in alignment with your goals and interests. This can look like working at your department's office, in the library, or in the multicultural center. It’s also nice to try new things because you might find a new passion or path. That’s what college is about! Just keep in mind that it’s good to pick a few activities that you can commit to reasonably as opposed to putting too much on your plate.

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The #1 reason you’re in college is so you can get that degree. However, it’s so important to balance your academics with the other aspects of your life. It’s not easy to work towards this—it involves a conscious, ongoing practice. You have to make time for other things so you don’t get burned out by studying and coursework. This can look like getting involved (as mentioned above), curating self-care routines, planning fun activities to do by yourself or with your friends, and finding ways to connect with the local community. Taking care of yourself is a very common theme in the academic world. The demands of the work can take everything out of you, which is why it’s important to create a routine of care. This can include a workout schedule, a meal plan, time for spirituality and mindfulness, and so much more.

This can also look like connecting with other people and making meaningful connections, which is a huge part of the college experience. Oftentimes, the people you meet and the bonds you build during this time take you through life and can result in things you might have never experienced.

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Invest in your room

Your living space is crucial to your college experience! While it’s nice to have all the fancy bedding and appliances, investing in your room is actually more about making it a place of solace. There’s always a lot happening in school and around, and everyone needs a peaceful place to come back to every night. How do you do this? First, establish a good relationship with those you live with. Whether you’re sharing a room or an apartment, you are all in the same living space and all have a part to play in how you all experience it. You might not be friends with those you live with, but you should have a cordial relationship where everyone can communicate freely and openly. Having that level of comfort and connection goes a long way in ensuring that you have a basic level of support in what is probably the most important space you occupy. You can also extend this to those that live around you to get a wider support system in your building. You never know when you’ll need help or when you can be of help!

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These three are just a few of the ways you can have an amazing college experience. The most important thing to remember is that as you work towards your future, you should enjoy where you are at now. Do you have any other tips for students?

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