Unfortunate Reality: Nigeria & Security: Opposites


The lack of security in Nigeria is at an all-time alarming rate.  This issue is at its peak and, unfortunately, our government has not been able to take full control and reassure the people of Nigeria of their safety. No day carries on without kidnapping, murdering, robbery, extortion, and so much more. Nigeria's worry about security is largely displaced; according to The Guardian, in the northeastern part, the crisis caused by Boko Haram has been ongoing for over a decade. The Northwestern part of Nigeria is facing ethnoreligious killings; the southwest of Nigeria is full of cybercrime, fraudulent activities, robberies, ritual killings and so much more. With that being said, have you taken the time to scroll through Instablog and see how people are being killed like mosquitos over absolutely anything? Sickening...

Nigeria is perceived as the giant of Africa but it is mind-crippling to think that we are not able to live up to that standard. It is becoming a real fear factor that people are not able to go out at night without the worry of being maltreated, robbed, or even kidnapped. If you happen to look too well put together, it raises a red flag.

Who is who?

We have been conditioned to believe and have grown up believing that police are amongst civilians to protect and serve. However, that never happens to be the case; a policeman or woman is known to stop you for no valid reason, based on your outward appearance. You can be stopped, searched, and have your account cleared all in a blink of an eye, in broad daylight, on your way to work, or on a night out, trying to 'jaiye'. The unfortunate reason for this is that our police force is underpaid and they are subjected to extorting money from civilians trying to get through their day. If an ounce of attitude is given while having this said interaction with a person of the law, it becomes a downward spiral from there. 

Police vs you vs armed robber

After police harassment, there are still armed gang members as well and since the year 2018, hundreds of people have been killed in gunman attacks and have been forced to pay a sum of money to grant freedom. Although motorcycle use is prohibited in these states due to the increase in attacks and crimes, gang members continue to find a loophole to continue attacks. 

Lagos driving experience

It is no secret that Nigeria has a lot of fixing to do internally before we become a great nation. The politicians who stand in leadership must relearn what it is to have control over today's generation. Their strategies and tactics are outdated, which affects the perception they have of growing generations. To have full control of something or someone, there must be a solid understanding. However, the lack of security in Nigeria doesn't just end with Nigerians in Nigeria but us that plan trips back home to enjoy 'Detty December' and overall have a good time. This series of unfortunate events boils down to the extreme case of unemployment which only leads to poverty and corruption. Policemen and women are now struggling with the working class's pay.

the right leader

There are only two ways for us to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to proper security in Nigeria. The first way Nigeria will see the gold at the end of the rainbow will be by restoring the government in Nigeria. As mentioned previously, there must be leaders in place to make generational decisions; the decisions and new tactics put in place are not only for now but for future years to come. Also, leaders that follow after that would have a solid foundation to continue. After the governance is situated, what would be next is for Nigeria's government to properly allocate the funds for employment and disperse them correctly to eliminate the problem of unemployment and corruption. That way, every working citizen especially people of law are paid accordingly and there would be no reason for constant extortion.

Have you ever experienced the struggles of extortion in Nigeria or have you been in any situation where you fear for your safety? 

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