5 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

Did you know that February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day in the U.S.?


In 1995 a nonprofit organization in Denver, Colorado called The Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation started Random Acts of Kindness Day to spread positivity and kindness. It spread to New Zealand in 2004 and it’s become more known since then. Every year now, this day is observed for the simple purpose of creating a kinder world. We get so wrapped up in what’s going on in our lives that we sometimes forget the value of stepping into another person’s world to make a difference. 


In the spirit of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we've put together five acts of kindness you can do today!

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Share some words of affirmation


Never underestimate how far an expression of appreciation and love can go. We have countless types of relationships in our lives—family, friends, neighbors, coworkers etc.—and there will always be something to thank them for. Is there someone you can always turn to? Has someone helped you recently? It won’t take long to come up with various reasons to show gratitude to someone in your life today!


If you’re feeling brave, give a compliment to a stranger! We often think good things about people we see in public but keep those positive thoughts to ourselves. Why not share it with them? This act of kindness will cost you $0 but definitely add to their day!

“If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.” - Ruthie Lindsey

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Give to someone in need


Do you know someone or know where you can find people that are in need of something you can give? Do your best to help today! Whether it’s a hot meal, good clothes, or some cash, what might be a small gesture to you can make someone else’s day. There might be charity organizations around you that help certain populations, from refugees to survivors to those experiencing homelessness, and are always looking for assistance. A simple online search can connect you with them! Volunteering is also a great way to "give." When you find a cause you’re passionate about, see how you can spread kindness and make a difference by serving!


Life is crazy for everyone, especially in these times, but we can still count our blessings and do our best to give.

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Go old-fashioned: Send a card


When last did you give or receive a physical card? In a digitized world where fast and easy is the norm, sending a greeting card is a great way to show effort! Greeting cards can be bought anywhere—grocery stores, gift shops, pharmacies, and if you have time, online shops. Tell someone you’re thinking of them and share some kindness by getting a card whether there’s an occasion or not. Express joy, sympathy, or just plain humor with a cool card, and now they have something tangible that reminds them of you!

Greeting card

Give the gift of time


Time is one of the most valuable resources we have! Unlike material things, it’s something we can’t get back so we have to be mindful of how we use it. We usually spend our time working or studying, but carving out time to spend with someone else is a great gift of kindness. That kind of quality time is an unspoken way to show someone how much you care about them. Whether it’s your friend, family member, or partner, they will appreciate your gift of time.


You can also give your time to help someone out. Do you know someone who desperately needs babysitting? Maybe even pet sitting? Offering up your time gives them the opportunity to do things they might not have been able to fit into their hectic schedule.

Woman helps elderly man
Man playing with a baby

“It’s not more time you need. It’s more quality use of the time you already have.” - Alan Cohen

Donate gently-used items


We all have those things that we keep saying we’re going to use… even though we never do. Why not take some time to sort through your belongings and donate the things you no longer need? These can include clothes and accessories but also things like electronics, appliances, furniture, books, games, tools, and more! Make sure they are still of good quality and find somewhere that you can donate them. Thrift stores, religious and community organizations are some of the places that usually collect items to give to those in need. You might also have people in your life who could benefit from those gently-used items, so give them out in kindness! 

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The main theme about these and the tons of other random acts of kindness you can do is that it’s all about thinking of others and putting them first. What do you want to see more of in the world? Go out and be that kind of person today!

“Do a good deed and throw it into the sea.” - Egyptian proverb

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