5 Gift Ideas For Christmas

Written by: Faith Elizabeth (Somtochukwu) Caltrider 

    ‘Tis the season, as for many, is the time of year where we spend time with our loved ones and celebrate the holidays. However, another huge portion of our time and expenses go to gift giving.

 Some people go all out and spend thousands of dollars and some who have a more limited budget, also want to make the gift giving special. It’s also helpful to think of things that might make life a bit easier for that person. 

So, whether it’s a gift for your favorite auntie, significant other, parents or friends, with the holiday being close in reach, here are five gift ideas that you can give someone for Christmas. 

Wireless speakers/wireless headphones

This can be a gift that someone can make continued use of. It can work for people who like working out, people who like listening to music at home, or even for work purposes.

 As for the wireless headphones, it’s also useful because in the day and age we are in, having a convenient way of still taking calls or even listening to music personally without playing it out loud, can help change the dynamic of cords getting tangled and in the way. You can go the route of convenient and inexpensive (Five Below) to state of the art quality (Beats by Dre, Airpod, JBL).  Average price range for this idea: $10-$1,200.

Matching festive pajamas

Sweet idea for not only a significant other, but also for family! 

You and your loved ones can enjoy a glass of eggnog or a nice warm mug of hot cocoa while hanging in the festive pjs. It also makes for cute photo op ideas which can also be used for content creation (TikTok, Instagram, etc). These can be found at places like Walmart, Target, Amazon. Average price range for this idea: $15.99-$500.

Gift Card

As cliche as it sounds, gift cards are a safe gift to give someone that allows them the freedom to purchase what they like on their own, or use it at their favorite place. 

You can find these at Walgreens, grocery stores or at the facility that offers them for their business. 

Gift card gift ideas can be sought out for a favorite restaurant, a massage place, or even the prepaid cards which allow people to buy whatever they like.

 Now the average price range for this idea depends on your personal budget, however common price range: $25+.

Cologne set/perfume set

This is such a great option, because no one can ever have too much of smell goods. This works great as a gift for men and women of all ages. 

This options also gives you the ability to go for the affordable options or to even maximize luxury.

 These sets sometimes come with the scented lotions, body wash and even a bathrobe in some cases! 

You can find these sets ranging from Walmart, Bath & Body Works, to Dillards, from Bodycology to Baccarat. 

They usually runs specials for the Christmas season as well, you may find a hot deal or even get a free gift included! Average price range for this idea: $7-$350.

Best SEller book (hard copy or paper copy)/ kindle

This one is for the reading and book lovers. If you can find a special book pertaining to that person’s interest, that will work and you’ll likely have luck with a best-seller. 

Kindle is also a great option because it makes reading your favorite books convenient. Try searching Barnes & Noble, Target and Amazon. Average price range for this idea $9.99-$89.99.

Honorable mention:

Don’t forget about the beloved pets. We don’t want them feeling left out. Ideas for pets can range from; a new pet bed, their favorite treat wrapped in a bow, or even a new collar/outfit. 

You can find these ideas at Walmart, dollar stores, or Petsmart/Petco.

 Average price range: Can’t put one on that four-legged friend! Just kidding :) ..$4-$65.

You could even tap into your creativity and make them something like a card, dessert, or a new decoration. These ideas can help whether you are excited to break the bank for your loved ones, or if you need to save and still want them to feel special.

Happy Holidays!

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