3 Back to School Tips!

With the world fully functioning and 'outside' considered open again, this summer had that nostalgic feeling that we all loved and missed. Front row seated at our best lives, catching flights making memories, and all around enjoying every experience before the summer winds down to a close. With all the fun had this summer, it can be a bit challenging to fall right back into a school dynamic environment after being out of touch, for a while.So here are 3 tips to take with you back to school!

Make a Routine

In the summer, time goes by and no one is truly worried about what or when things are going on, as long as there is fun involved. Minutes become hours and hours become days, and in the summer it is okay to lose track of time sometimes. When it comes to education, and aiming for success, it is extremely beneficial to have a routine. Begin setting habits for yourself, that you'll follow daily to ensure you'll get through your semester. For example, you can make sure you're eating breakfast every morning, setting a study time every day, planning around class schedule if you work, and of course, setting time aside for a mental break. A mental break can mean absolutely anything, in your book; it can mean going to the gym, movies, out to eat with friends, etc. In everything, there should be a balance.


Plan! Plan! Plan!

Plan! Plan! Plan! How many times was it said? Planning is crucial to success and even just a stable mindset. Plan out your days and weeks as due dates, events and small details come up. There is so much that can happen in 24 hours, that it is impossible to remember everything.Get a planner for the school year, a small notebook, or even a whiteboard to visually see the things that need to be done in the near future. Studies have shown that writing things by hand improves your memory as opposed to mindlessly processing information. There is also a sense of accomplishment you feel when you can visually cross something off your list. You can go back at the end of the day, week, month, or even the semester and see how much you were able to accomplish.Planning doesn't only stop with writing things down; you would less likely to have a cluttered mind and space if you plan. Planning ahead of time gives you the freedom to do things YOUR WAY. A prime example would be if you have class at 10 am, set your alarm at least 2 hours in advance to give yourself time to do ALL you have to do in the morning to set yourself up for a good day.  

Students involved

Get Involved!

If the first two tips are just too much of a struggle for you, there is a 100% guarantee you will find someone who will be able to assist you, if you just get involved! Find a club or association on campus that interests you, which can serve as your fun away from class but is also beneficial to your school career and social life. Getting involved may sound intimidating until you walk into a room with people there solely for the same interest as your own. Getting involved can bring forth much more than fun, it is a way of networking in a less formal setting; depending on the club. In life, it is not only what you know that takes you places, but who you know! So get involved and meet new people who may have a better routine than you and tap in. Overall, everyone has come from all walks of life to venture through this journey of school to the end goal which is graduation. Why not grab a couple of like-minded people and ace this "school thing" together?

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." -African Proverb

Once the school year begins, the days move fast just like summer, but the goal is to be sure to be intentional and productive with your days to the best of your ability. Try choosing one of these tips that you're ready to be consistent with and see how it may assist you in having a less stressful school year! 

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