14 Things to Do on Valentine's: Couples Edition

Across the world, reds and pinks flood the streets around every February 14. Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance, and that is marked by gifts, candy and heartfelt wishes. Whether this is your 1st or 10th Valentine’s with your partner, make it special by trying something new from this list!

1. Have a romantic movie marathon


Love Jones. Waiting to Exhale. Hitch. About Last Night. If Beale Street Could Talk. Moonlight. The Photograph. Sylvie's Love. Love & Basketball. Revisit the classics and experience new stories by binge-watching romantic movies together! Throw yourselves in the world of fantasy and drama to take your minds off reality for a bit this Valentine’s. Movies are also a great way to learn about your partner because talking about on-screen relationships can give an insight into their thoughts and feelings.


Pro tip: Swap the romance for horror! Movies that evoke a strong response (like scary movies) are great for creating strong emotional experiences.

Couple watching tv together on a couch

2. Host a couples’ night


Invite your friends over and make the night into a party with dinner and games! Plan the day with your friends and make it into whatever you want it to be. If you want to go full host, prepare food and drinks for everyone, but you can also order in or make it a potluck. There are tons of board games out there for groups, either for competition or for developing relationships so you can have a good mix of both. Share the love around this Valentine’s!

3. Have a staycation


Not able to go away? Stay in! Make a vacation out of the city you live in. Check into a hotel or an Airbnb for a change of scenery and make an itinerary of things in your city that you haven’t done before. This can look like spending time at a poolside or getting drinks at a rooftop bar. Make Valentine’s day yours in a creative way!

Cozy couple indoors

4. Go to a fancy dinner


There’s a reason this is the main Valentine’s Day activity. Apart from birthdays and anniversaries, what other day can you go all out for your partner?! Take advantage of the many packages and deals that are out there and secure a reservation in advance. Dress up, take tons of photos, and have a fantastic night out! 

Couple drinking wine

5. Take a scenic hike


Get active! Whether you’re seasoned hikers or not used to it, going on a nice hike together gives you something to experience together. Regardless of the difficulty level, it’s a goal that you can accomplish together while bonding and helping each other along the way. So, get out your hiking shoes this Valentine’s!


Pro tip: If you don't have a good hike near you, work out together! Do exercises on Youtube, practice yoga, or do a dance class. Get moving any way you can!

Two people hiking

6. Try something new together


Is there something both of you haven’t done before? Try it out together! Bake something, do karaoke, try rock climbing, rent a kayak, go skating. The options are endless and whatever you decide to do, you’ll be happy you were able to make brand new memories together this Valentine's.

7. Get a couple’s massage


Share a luxury experience together with a pampering session! There are many couples spa packages out there that will give you the chance to bond with your partner by relaxing and reconnecting. Whether it's through massage therapy or a sauna session, experiencing this together is a way to be intentional with your time together.

Person getting a massage

8. Do a Paint & Sip


Painting with a twist. The paint and sip experience is a relaxing activity that combines a painting class led by a professional with drinks! Wine is the more popular choice but you can drink anything, alcoholic or not. A paint & sip gives you the chance to get tipsy and create something together. Classes can be done in a group which will give you the chance to meet new people and socialize this Valentine’s!

Person holds a paintbrush

9. Go on a road trip


Traveling with a significant other is a crucial part of learning about each other and strengthening the relationship. It gives you opportunities to figure out communication/conflict, coordination, and compromise together. Roadtripping is a form of travel that has some unique factors: while it’s a lot of work, you are more in control of your travel time and how you spend it, and you can (kind of) pack as much as you want! This means road trips bring a lot of freedom and adventure— what better way to do Valentine's with your partner!

Two people in a car

10. Cook something together


Making a meal with a loved one is an underrated intimacy. Being able to cook together and nourish each other creates a closeness and warmth… and it doesn’t cost much at all! Whether you go grocery shopping together (also intimate!) or you use what you have already at home, you don’t have to be a master chef to make something you both enjoy. Find recipes online or make one of your favorites and have a simple and sweet Valentine’s!

Couple having a meal together

11. Visit an art gallery


Visiting a museum or gallery is a creative date idea that gives you an excuse to dress up and take photos! A gallery is a chill place to have a conversation and wander around, and you can stay for as little or much time as you want. This activity is not too demanding so you can really engage however you want. Decide on an exhibit or show that you both like and go see some art this Valentine's! 

12. Exchange gifts


Whether your native love language is receiving gifts or not, everyone appreciates the gesture of receiving something that means someone thought about you! Plan a gift exchange and commit to getting something for the other person. Do you want to set a price limit? Or a type of gift e.g. something that the other person really wants or really needs. There are countless lists online about “gifts for her” and “gifts for him” which can be an excellent guide if you’re a bit lost. However, gifts that have a lot of thought behind them tend to do the best. Maybe even throw in a Valentine’s card!

Woman opening a gift

13. Attend a (virtual) show 


Swap the Netflix for a live show! Attend a Valentine's Day gig that's put on by one of your favorite celebrities and stars. From comedy shows to concerts, you're bound to find something entertaining that's streaming live online! Enjoy a show together, right in your living room.

14. Unplug together


What better way to show you care than giving your significant other your undivided attention this Valentine's? Quality time doesn’t just mean being in the same place but means actually being present and doing whatever you both want, without distractions. It’s not a surprise that being mindful in how you spend your time together increases connection and develops intimacy, but we all need that reminder from time to time!

Couple eating in bed

So there you have it. Try something new from this list this Valentine’s, but remember that showing love is a year-round thing and not just for a day!

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